Accelerate your studies

Depending on your qualification, you can get your International Bachelor degree by 19 years old or less. That's how fast it is.


Smart Saving

In JIC, you will receive 100% Monash College or Western Michigan University  curriculum and International teaching standard at a fraction of the University tuition fees in US or Australia. Now, that is smart.


Solid University Preparation

Still feels you're lacking in English and need assurance before studying abroad? That's where we come in.


Gateways to Top Universities

Monash University and Western Michigan University are just two examples of the many outstanding universities you can choose to transfer to.


Outstanding Graduates

Many alumni from testified that starting from JIC allowed them a much smoother transition to university and eventually enable them to graduate successfully.


Service for Students

JIC provides valuable and integrated services for students including advice on visa applications, university placement and accommodation, both in Jakarta and offshore


Longer Family Time

Australia/USA is far away from home and many parents are concerned about their children’s wellbeing while studying there. JIC helps to relieve these concerns by offering international University education in Indonesia until the students are ready.