Jakarta International College has been running Monash College programs in Jakarta for the past 15 years and still strives to maintain international quality education. More than 2,000 JIC alumni have transferred to Monash University. Known as one of the world’s most prestigious campuses, Monash University stands in the top 100

overall and their Pharmacy & Pharmacology is ranked 2nd in the world after Harvard University. Other majors like Business and Management, Law, Civil Engineering, Accounting and Finance, sit in the top 50.

Monash University focuses on high quality education and continually monitors to ensure international teaching standard in all of their providers such as Malaysia, Sri Lanka, China and South Africa.

On their visit to JIC a few days ago, Prof. Margaret Gardner, Vice-Chancellor and President of Monash University, stated her commitment in providing the best quality education through the teachers, teaching system, standardized international curriculum and periodical assessment system. “This also applies to other Monash Colleges every day. As an example, what is taught here in Jakarta is exactly the same as to what is taught in Monash College Melbourne,” she said.

In a similar manner, Chief of Foundation and CEO of Jakarta International College, Dr Wenny Susanto added, “There are 2 methods of teaching. Lectures run around 2 hours per day with a maximum of 40 students in a class, while tutorials are 3 hours in duration to practice the theories with a maximum of 20 students to intensify teacher and student interaction.”